How the Gut-Skin Axis Affects Your Skin

Think your gut health and skin health aren’t connected? Think again! The connection is real, and it’s called the gut-skin axis. In case you need a little convincing, you might have seen this connection in action when a food allergy caused someone to break out in hives. Common Threads To understand this gut-skin axis a […]

What Happens When You Pop a Pimple?

Essentially a pimple is a combination of sebum, fatty acids, and bacteria contained in a little sac called the sebaceous gland. Squeezing a pimple incorrectly, or when it’s not ready, can cause this sac to rupture into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation, infection, and even long-term scarring. A pimple that is very yellow and really […]

Tanning Beds Are Worse Than You Thought

MYTH: Tanning beds are safer than outdoor tanning because it’s less time.MYTH: Before going on a vacay, you should get a base tan from a tanning bed.MYTH: Using a tanning bed juuuust a few times won’t to do anything in the long run.  While tanning bed use is on a significant decline (which is ah-mee-zing), there are still plenty of […]