Essential Skincare Ingredients

There are many beneficial ingredients available for skincare. They all have some effect on the skin, but there are some key nutrients that are essential for maintaining basic skin health. Just as we feed our bodies good, healthy food, we also need to feed our skin the right nutrients to keep it functioning at an […]

Skin 101

Much is written about the skin and skincare products. It’s a huge industry, and one that is not well regulated. In order to make wise choices when navigating the stores, spas, and doctors offices, it is good to be an educated consumer. That is my aim with this article. Lets get down to basics: The […]

What’s in Your Cup? The Health Effects of Coffee

My lifelong love affair with coffee has been one of transformation; I’ve migrated from instant to percolated, from Starbucks to Nespresso. Regardless of its mode of production, coffee has been a staple of my morning routine for years; it elevates my mood and evokes fond memories. However, some recently-published studies have complicated my relationship with […]