The Miracle World of Peptides

The world of skincare seems to get buzzier by the minute. From CBD to crystals, it’s hard to keep up and know what’s worth the hype. We’re here to proclaim, once and for all, that peptides are 100% worth the hype. In fact, we think they’re worth their weight in gold. Here’s why. Collagen 411 Collagen […]

5 Tips for Halloween Makeup

With shows like “The Walking Dead,” it’s no wonder that everyone is clambering to be some variety of zombie for Halloween: a zombie nurse, a zombie army officer, a zombie cheerleader. For those who prefer something a little less gruesome, the elaborate Día de los Muertos getups are also wildly popular.  Unfortunately, both of these […]

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Face

We all know somebody who has perfect skin and claims to never wash their face. Or they wash with bar soap (eek) and moisturize with coconut oil (double eek). Their best skincare advice to you is probably, “Drink more water.” To someone who is breakout-prone, this sounds like the stuff of unicorns and other mythical stories.  […]

5 Foods for Healthy, Hydrated Skin

We all know how important it is to take special care of your skin by applying sunscreen and cleansing regularly, but what about what’s on your plate? Your skin is what you eat, so let’s talk about nourishing the skin from the inside out! 1. Watermelon. This juicy treat is mostly water, so chow down […]

How the Gut-Skin Axis Affects Your Skin

Think your gut health and skin health aren’t connected? Think again! The connection is real, and it’s called the gut-skin axis. In case you need a little convincing, you might have seen this connection in action when a food allergy caused someone to break out in hives. Common Threads To understand this gut-skin axis a […]

What Happens When You Pop a Pimple?

Essentially a pimple is a combination of sebum, fatty acids, and bacteria contained in a little sac called the sebaceous gland. Squeezing a pimple incorrectly, or when it’s not ready, can cause this sac to rupture into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation, infection, and even long-term scarring. A pimple that is very yellow and really […]

Tanning Beds Are Worse Than You Thought

MYTH: Tanning beds are safer than outdoor tanning because it’s less time.MYTH: Before going on a vacay, you should get a base tan from a tanning bed.MYTH: Using a tanning bed juuuust a few times won’t to do anything in the long run.  While tanning bed use is on a significant decline (which is ah-mee-zing), there are still plenty of […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Moisturizer

Not all moisturizers are created equal. Bad moisturizers are a dime a dozen. They line the shelves of drug stores and are full of empty promises.It’s time to have a heart-to-heart chat with your moisturizer and see if it’s up for the job or maybe it’s time to find a replacement. 1. Are you mostly just […]