Calibrated Cleansing (Skincare at Home)

“You will never change your life until you change something… you do daily…The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  – Rishika Jain. This well-known quote applies not only to things like diet, exercise, and success, but also the health of our skin. The secret to good, clear, glowing skin lies not […]

Hydrating Your Skin With Natural Oils

Have you ever considered using natural oils on your face? Due to its greasy association, many people believe oils are bad for your skin, when in fact they are a popular and promising beauty essential. It’s very detrimental to strip the natural oil from your face and can cause excessive dryness and tightened skin. Pure […]

6 Common Areas to Get Acne on Your Face and What They Mean

Many of you have experienced the painful and embarrassing effects of acne breakouts. Maybe you’re considering getting bangs to cover your forehead full of pimples, or perhaps your breakouts like to appear in areas where it’s impossible to cover them up, like right bang in the middle of your chin. You may have tried numerous […]