3 Reasons You Should Be Taking Vitamin C: The Beauty Vitamin for Your Skin

Remember when you were a kid and your parents wouldn’t let you leave the breakfast table until you had taken all your vitamins? Yep, you might have thought they’d lay off as you get older, but now they just pester you over the phone!
Would you pause in your affectionate eye-rolling though if we told you that there’s one particularly-amazing vitamin that can actually make your skin look 💯 better? 

Here are just three reasons we’re loving this beauty vitamin and why you should too:

1. Reduces Pigmentation

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way so we can move on to the good bits, shall we? 

Vitamin C inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase which prevents melanin production. So what the heck does this mean for your skin? It means that if you’re suffering from pigmentation (darker areas of skin), vitamin C will help to lighten those right up so you can enjoy a more even skin tone. 

Vitamin C won’t only treat any pigmentation you currently have, but it will prevent any future dark spots by fighting the formation of concentrated melanin patches.

2. Powerful Anti-oxidants Promote Youthful, Brighter Skin

If you perk up when you hear the word “anti-oxidant,” you aren’t alone! Anti-oxidants are to your skin what chocolate is to strawberries; they just go together!

Along with anti-oxidant activity, Vitamin C is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that will reduce redness in your skin and zap those pimples before they even know what got ’em.

3. Acts as a Natural Sunscreen

The sun is the skin’s worst enemy, and while that tan may look gorgeous now, you may be regretting overdoing it ten or so years from now. 

We hope it makes more sense now why we love this beauty vitamin so much. Give it a try and let the results speak for themselves!

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